Healthy Mouth Dog Dental Spray 8oz

Healthy Mouth Dog Dental Spray 8oz
    • The first and only dental topical gels for dogs and cats to receive the VOHC(r) Seal of Acceptance for plaque control in dogs and cats
    • Proven effective in 6 independent clinical trials
    • Any remaining plaque in the mouth is significantly softened which means that tooth brushing will be easier and you will get better results from chew bones and dental diets
    • Only the highest, human grade used for every ingredient
    • Contains no synthetic or artificial ingredients
    • Contains no sugar, no fat, no calories
    • The perfect solution for larger breeds-very cost effective-no waste-simply squirt on teeth and gums once a day after mealtime and leave it in mouth
    • Requires only a thin film so will last a long time
    • Recommended by leading Board Certified Veterinary Dentists.
  • $77.68