Fresh Rx

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With so many of today’s health issues stemming from poor and inadequate daily maintenance diets, FreshRx is a ‘next generation’ food that supports your veterinarian’s mission and fulfills personal values of feeding your ‘whole’ family minimally processed, local fresh food. Fresh Rx mirrors the values of discriminating pet parents who want to feed the very best food coupled with the confidence of veterinary due diligence and input.

FreshRx is made exclusively in Buddy’s Kitchen, located in Aurora, Ontario by a team of passionate experts with over 75 years of food, nutrition and animal health experience. FreshRx is the first daily maintenance food to combine home-cooking style with cutting edge science based nutrition.

FreshRx will never be sold in pet stores or grocery stores. The front line of optimized animal health starts with veterinarians. Their passion and commitment is to insure your pet thrives not simply ‘survives’ and that starts with loving pet parents and the best daily maintenance food that fits your pets individual needs.