What We Are About

At Guelph Animal Hospital we believe in the safe and informed use of products to help enrich the lives of people and their pets. Our mission is to educate pets’ families about the value of products recommended by our experienced veterinarians and to help them make informed decisions. We believe good medicine should be based on responsible science and it is with this same approach that we strive to provide recommendations on boutique products.
In addition to providing a list of recommended feature items, we have initiated a blog that covers both ‘hot topics’ that would interest a large number of families and some niche topics that would speak to very specific cases. In these blogs our writers will present a combination of research based data and their own experiences (both with patients and their own pets) in order to best explain the issue at hand. Finally, the blogs will offer solutions, whether they be treatments, advice or products that can assist families in providing the best possible care for their pets.
Please note that our boutique products are designed to complement, not replace, information from your veterinarian.